Discover Maltby Street Market

One of the coolest, and in my opinion, most unique things about London, is the ridiculous number of really great local street food markets on offer at any given weekend.

If you’re working week is anything like mine – mandatory mid-week gym sessions, meetings for meetings sake and surprisingly large amounts of “life admin”, it often leaves you craving a kind of relaxation and indulgence that not even a spontaneous marathon of The Good Wife or a Nutella filled Krispy Kreme doughnut can satisfy.

So next Saturday morning – when all the craziness from the week has died down, head to Maltby Street market; located only 5 mins walk from Bermondsey tube station, and treat yourself to a relaxing stroll through an intoxicating mecca of simple and delicious food, friendly locals and more #foodporn instagram opps than you can poke a stick at.

Surprisingly unknown to a lot of Londoners that I speak to, and thankfully devoid of the overwhelming tourist influx that Borough market (15mins away) so regularly enjoys; Maltby Street, offers a more intimate and authentic “local” experience – with just enough hipsters to make it cool – but not “too” cool.

Boasting amazing scotch eggs, bloody mary’s made with gin instead of vodka, and the best rueben sandwich I have ever had – this little gem – and my local favourite, is guaranteed to have you telling all your mates and of course, coming back for more.

Maltby St market copy image 6IMG_1708Maltby St market copy Image 2

My top 5 tips when visiting:

1. Grab a scotch egg upon arrival – the breakfast variety is my fav!

2. Enjoy the “Rueben special” sandwich from Monty’s Deli – it is to die for!

3. Grab a table at Little Bird Gin bar – the Bloody Mary with gin is a must!

4. Check out the very cool antiques store – there’s also a toilet inside.

5. If you’re still hungry – an ice cream sandwich with cookies from Blue Top for dessert.



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